• Transform Jacksonville presents LoveJax2020 LoveJax2020 is an initiative of Transform Jacksonville. It's a call to followers of Jesus in Jacksonville to be loving others by living a simple and powerful lifestyle of praying, caring and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those around them in deed and word.

    It is time for a great movement of godly love in Jacksonville and beyond. It is time to commit to follow Jesus Christ unreservedly and to share His love in deed and word with every possible person.

    The goal of LoveJax2020 is that every person, young and old, in Jacksonville will be authentically loved by at least one committed follower of Jesus Christ by the yearend of 2020. Every person should know God loves and cares deeply for him or her.
  • prayer brings awareness Jesus asked His disciples to pray for workers to reach the harassed, helpless, and lost — and to pray for spiritually lost people.

    When we do, the Holy Spirit moves in wonderful and mysterious ways. He convicts, woos, and draws people to Jesus.

    Every follower of Christ has the opportunity to pray for others to receive Him and enter the family of God.

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  • care opens the door “Love your neighbor as yourself,” Jesus commanded, and He personified that. He was moved with compassion by the needs of people; He responded to hurting people by caring for them with love – feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and comforting the bereaved. Likewise, Jesus said His true followers would be known by their lives of love.

    Prayer can open our eyes to many opportunities for each of us to show love in caring ways to our neighbors and in our neighborhoods. Take part in service efforts in the community, meet tangible needs of a neighbor offering a meal or help with home projects, gather other believers from community to offer clean up help to schools, or meet with local officials to ask how neighbors can help the police force or the city with tasks.

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  • share your faith naturally When we have prayed and cared for our neighbors in tangible ways, the Holy Spirit moves and opens natural opportunities for sharing the faith, hope and love we have in Christ.

    In a prayer-care-share lifestyle, “sharing” can be as simple as inviting a neighbor to a church service, a Bible study, a movie, a concert or another special event where the Gospel message is being shared. Or we may guide someone to an evangelistic website, offer a book or DVD, or engage them in a spiritual conversation and share our personal testimony of our experience with Jesus Christ.

    LoveJax2020 is adding more and more stories and suggestions of the prayer-care-share lifestyle each week!